Consular Services

Visa Services

  1. Visa Rules
  2. Visa Application Form
  3. Machine Readable Visa Form
  4. Visa Fees

Consular Services on Bangladesh Passport

  1. Issuance of MRP
  2. Issuance of New Passport (Upon use of all pages)
  3. Issuance of Duplicate Passport (if passport is damaged/lost or stolen)
  4. Renewal of Passport (upon expiry of the validity of the Passport)
  5. Endorsement/Correction on the Passport
  6. Travel Permit to return to Bangladesh (when passport is not available)

Attestation of Documents (Original/Copy/Photocopy)

Attestation Form

Marriage and Divorce related Documents (Kabinnama, Nikahnama, Talaknama) (subject to attestation/affidavit by Notary Public and attestation of Consular Section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  1. Marital Status Certificate:
    • Married Certificate subject to submission of original Nikahnama/Kabinnama
    • Divorced Certificate (Subject to submission of original Divorce Documents)
    • Unmarried Certificate
  2. Education Certificates (subject to attestation of concerned Education Board/College/University and attestation of Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Other legal document as Embassy may deem permissible
  5. Photograph (without fees)

Issuance of Certificates

  1. Police Clearance Certificate/No Crime Report (subject to the certificate of Ministry of Home attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2. Unmarried Certificate (subject to the report of Ministry of Home authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  3. Birth Certificate (subject to the Birth Certificate from the concerned Birth Registrar attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Any other certificate as Embassy may deem permissible.


  1. Consular Registration
  2. Birth Registration/Death Registration
  3. Marriage Registration under Bangladesh Law

Miscellaneous Consular Services

    Advice on related matters


    All forms are available at These are also available at Consular Help Desk free of cost.

Consular Help Desk

    A Consular Help Desk has been set up in March 2006 to extend assistance in filling up Forms, preparing applications and providing advice and guidance.